Curator of Literature cum Managing Director/CEO of ITBM
En. Mohd Khair Ngadiron.

From the beginning of our involvement in DiverseCity Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival (KLIAF) in 2015, the aim has been to sustain the role of the arts and literature in our lives, and hence empowering our ASEAN roots. Arts and literature are always in the shadow of the widespread influence of pop culture. There is a great expectation to survive and thrive in both. The dissemination of knowledge and intellectual elements in arts and literature is most effective when it is carried out through mental and visual imagery surrounded by multicoloured cultural backdrops. Thus, we have curated our literature programmes based on the theme “Knowledge in the Expression of Arts”. For 2017, InstitutTerjemahan&Buku Malaysia (ITBM) will organise three major events comprising of literary and contemporary arts exchanges.

The ASEAN Poets Gathering and ASEAN Poetry Recital have made their way into their third year of staging while SyairAlamMelayu Nusantara will be celebrating its second year in DiverseCity KLIAF. This modern poetry event (ASEAN Poets Gathering) has now been merged with the syair (a form of traditional Malay poetry) event to showcase the significance of their coexistence. Back in DiverseCity 2015, we organised the ASEAN Monologue involving five ASEAN countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore, in which the countries concerned portrayed their own monologues and captured the hearts of many here in Kuala Lumpur. For the second year running, ITBM has curated a Tri-State Monodrama with a whole new concept involving three directors, three actors and three countries – Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei – for three consecutive nights. The regularity of our events is translated into substance through the organisation of the KL LePark event. This year, KL LePark will be held at ParksonMaju Junction Mall. Through KL LePark and our Literature segment, we will be reaching out to the audience of Literature@DiverseCity 2017 KLIAF by demonstrating to them an essential aspect of knowledge – it should not only remain in books, but also revolve around our appreciation for arts and literature by helping to humanising society in the face of modernity.    

Sidang Media Program Sastera @DiverseCity 2017 KLIAF

Tarikh: 29 Ogos 2017 (Selasa)
Masa: 11.00 pagi

Lokasi: NUKE, Perbadanan Kota Buku, KL

Depan (dari kiri); Pengarah Festival Datin Sunita Raja kumar, Kurator genre Sastera PU/CEO En. Mohd Khair Ngadiron bersama rakan kerjasama dan Pengurus acara yang terlibat dalam program Sastera @DiverseCity 2017 KLIAF.